Comprehensive Gynecology Services in San Ramon, CA

FCPP San Ramon provides a comprehensive range of gynecology services in San Ramon, CA. Count on our physicians and the rest of the staff at our practice for gynecological services that include annual exams, STD testing and treatment, pre-pregnancy and pregnancy care, and treatment and management of gynecological diseases and conditions.

It is recommended that women begin receiving annual gynecological exams when they become sexually active, or once they reach the age of 21. These exams are important for the early detection of cervical and breast cancer, as well as identifying or treating any other health conditions such as sexually transmitted infections. After the first pap test, follow-up tests will be recommended every 1 to 3 years depending on the results of the test and the patient’s health history. Beginning at age 30 women should also begin getting tested for HPV, which can cause cervical cancer, other types of cancer, and other health complications. Based on the results of the patient’s pap and HPV tests, they should continue screening at the frequency their healthcare provider recommends, up until the age of 65.

Gynecological and obstetric services and treatments that our practices provide include:

  • Preconception planning
  • Routine pregnancy management
  • High-risk pregnancy management
  • Labor and delivery care
  • Postpartum care
  • Postpartum depression
  •  Annual Exams
  •  Evaluation and treatment of abnormal pap smears
  •  Treatment for menstrual disorders
  •  Menopause management & Hormone replacement therapy
  •  STD testing and treatment
  •  Contraception
  •  Infertility
  •  D&C
  •  STD Screening and treatment
  •  Hysteroscopy
  •  Vulvar, Vaginal & Cervical Biopsy
  • Colposcopy
  •  LEEP cervical conization
  •  Essure Permanent Tubal Sterilization

FCPP San Ramon provides caring and knowledgeable adolescent and adult gynecology in San Ramon, CA, call us today at 925-587-4808 to schedule an appointment.